Walking Through Walls

Connect your faith and work.

Years ago, I noticed Sundays were different from Mondays. Going to work day in and day out, I felt like I had Jesus in my pocket - and I didn't know what to do with Him. My faith and work were separate.

That is not God's plan.

We do not have a work life and a spiritual life - we just have a life. A life lived holistically and without too many boxes is a life lived well. We spend decades of our life working, so it would be wise to reckon with it.

Work was God's first blessing to us. And it's still a blessing. But we need to examine the walls that get in the way of an integrating our faith and work. If we set these walls on the table and look at them in light of God's promises we can move right through them.

This book will show you how.



In Walking Through Walls Brad Larson frames the integration of faith and work in a compelling and practical narrative that is sure to challenge you.

~Ken Coleman, Author of One Question: Life-Changing Answers from Today’s Leading Voices


Walking Through Walls is an insightful book that connects work as a gift from God that leads to joy, purpose, and significance. Brad Larson does a great job showing we don’t have to work for the weekend. Instead, we are invited to work for God’s glory.

 ~Scott Brooks, Lead Pastor of The Door Church in Coppell, TX


Brad Larson does an incredible job of applying his biblical wisdom and the Word of God to everyday experiences in your job that will help you stay focused on doing work that matters.

~Nick Stavinoha, Baseball Agent and Former Major League Baseball Player


A biblically-driven book that displays practical advice of how to integrate faith and work as one, and take them both back into a newly-discovered missional environment of the everyday.

~Aaron Fair, President of Known as The Way, and Acts 29 Church Planter in the South East Asia Emerging Regions


The notion that we can utilize our jobs or careers to create a more intimate relationship with Jesus, not just to support ourselves financially, is powerful—thrilled to see Brad bring this conversation to light.

~Willie Morris, Founder & CEO, Faithbox


In Walking Through Walls, Brad Larson reminds us of our spiritual purpose to ultimately glorify God. Larson does an amazing job of providing tangible ways to transform your career and the workplace through the power of the Holy Spirit.

~Brittany Merrill Underwood, Founder & President, Akola Project